Directors Note:
"We created a story in our imagination, long before we knew the words for it. Something that, at the core, was a place that couldn’t exist until we were looking for it. We went someplace, somewhere, that allowed us to see. Maybe that’s why we searched for words in the air, sound in the water, and structure in the sand to express them. We wrote all we knew. To explain ourselves to ourselves, to tell who we were in a mirror because we existed in between. For the voices in our head, to convince them to share their secret. We did what we could with what we knew. Our imagination was more alive than the written word, by the time we understood. We shared that voice in our head with others and hoped they too could hear it and come to know it."


(Neither You Nor I)
Kurzfilm (9 Minuten)

Regie, Kamera, Schnitt: Simon Spieske
Musik & Ton: Simon Spieske
Text: Sophie Stein, Lena Frings, Simon Spieske,  K.
Regieassistenz: Lena Frings
Darsteller: Sophie Stein, Lena Frings
Voiceover: Hannah von Peinen
Produziert von FLAREMEDIA
Produktionsjahr:  2022

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