-  From my travel diary
She watched the river, reflected in it, white in the water.

There was a path but not a plan. The river of silvery silk was really hard to find. We were hungry and shivering.  Here the scenery was so sumptuous that it was all we could do to keep our feet moving. Now we are past the field, all the way to Italy.  Wherever we stopped for a rest the sun shone on the fields and on the low, distant hills which I had so seldom seen since the sun had been blotted out.

Do the sheep know that they are in a field?

Why did the white seabirds not appear at the shore?

Down on the plain, we lost contact again.
The navigator we had with us also lost the signal. Like a sheep in the wild we simply turned off the phone and continued.

Sometimes it was cold, sometimes it was hot, but mostly time for a sunburn. In the field, we were virtually at the mercy of the wind.

In this picture:
Lena Frings Instagram:  @lena_fr.ngs

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