A thought on fractions of time.
Despite the fact that the understanding of time gets more and more summarised into large chunks as we move on, all the events, memories and inbetweens seem to fracture, get brittle or just disappear from memory. From a distance, the second of a moment seems much more vital and important than the consolidated time of 'years' or 'month'. I think it's important not just to live the present seconds, but being aware of all the important fractions of time that happened before.
This splits the past months into tiny fractions of time. Inspired by current events and the need of patience.
Like in music, the pause is often more important than the note.

⏳Who read all this with interest is kindly invited to reply and discuss the matter of time with me.
 One of my favourite topics. ⏳
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In this piece i explored glitch art and distortions, along with typographical elements and graphicsdesign .I Used Adobe After Effects and llustratore to creat it.
I was inspired by the fact that time is usally passing by fast, but can be far better recognized if we split it into smaller fractions. And time is off the essence. Bboth in life and in motiondesign and animation. 
Splitting time into fractions makes it easier to keep track of what we lived through.
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